• Inocon Ltd. is a regular member of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria, which is a necessary condition for the activities and services performed by the company. The entry in the Central Professional Register of Builders at the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria defines Inokon OOD as a reliable contractor of constructions of fourth and fifth category according to Art. 5, para. 4 of the PRVVCPRS for the following groups:

    ▪ I FIRST GROUP: buildings of high construction, its adjacent infrastructure, electronic communications networks and facilities according to Art. 5, para. 1, item 1 of the PRVVCPRS:

    ▪ II FIFTH GROUP: separate types of construction and installation works, including: Demolition and demolition; Earthworks; Construction of residential and non-residential buildings; Welding and installation work; Construction of electrical, plumbing, sewerage, heating and air conditioning and other installations; Activities in the field of technical security systems; Laying of cladding and flooring; Other building completion and finishing;

    ▪ III FOURTH GROUP: constructions of the public works infrastructure, the hydraulic engineering construction and the protection of the environment